New York Times on What to do with a Humanities Major

In spite of some bad news (for example, announcing the closure of some classics and philosophy departments around the US), this article exposes the importance of the humanities to the marketplace. The key, the author argues toward the end of the piece, is to know what skills are valued, develop them to their fullest, and then work on bridging these skills to employment through various Humanities+ strategies (minors, internships, career workshops, etc.) that our college advisement center is working on.
Here’s an excerpt:

“There’s evidence, though, that employers also don’t want students specializing too soon. The Association of American Colleges and Universities recently asked employers who hire at least 25 percent of their workforce from two- or four-year colleges what they want institutions to teach. The answers did not suggest a narrow focus. Instead, 89 percent said they wanted more emphasis on “the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing,” 81 percent asked for better “critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills” and 70 percent were looking for “the ability to innovate and be creative.”

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