A Medical School for Humanities Majors?

The Humanities and Medicine Program at the Mount Sinai medical school in New York accepts about 35 undergraduates a year from humanities and social science disciplines–even if they have never taken any ‘hard’ science courses! 

The school has found that such students are able to catch up on the science but that they add this much desired dimension: a sense of mission, a broad humanistic vision and the interpersonal skills to become better healers. 

What this says to me is that a humanities major who engages in Humanities+ and who does a minor in a scientific discipline or who completes the prerequisites for medical school probably has an equal or better chance of getting into an excellent medical school than the straight-on science major or ‘tech geek’. 

What it also suggests is that the traditional ‘science-only’ majors who wish to become doctors could improve their chances with top schools (and of becoming better healers) by taking rigorous coursework in the humanities disciplines–a strategy that we in our College are calling +Humanities. 

Read more in today’s NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/30/nyregion/30medschools.html?h

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