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Want to Teach Overseas?

You’ve heard of Teach for America? How about Teach Away? Check this website for teaching positions all over the world:

Michigan State Report on Hiring Trends Holds Surprises

It’s no secret: graduating seniors are facing one of the toughest job markets in decades. Overall hiring plunged dramatically during 2009/10, with American companies reducing their hiring targets by 35-40%.  

What does this mean for humanities students?  It is not as bleak as it might appear. 

The Michigan State report also claims that employers want above all flexibility. “They seek candidates across all majors who can slide into a number of positions as needed or can adapt quickly to changing conditions. Their focus is on candidates with a mix of technical aptitude and essential soft skills.”

It goes on:

Over 600 companies indicated that they would consider any
for a position; at 33% of respondents, this figure is at a historic
high. These companies will be hiring approximately 26 individuals per
company, an increase of 6%.

See the entire report here: