Has the Bubble Burst on Law School?

A lot of humanities students–especially students of philosophy and English–end up going to law school. This is a great choice for many students; for others it is a default decision based on the vague idea that they will make a lot of money and that life will take care of itself. When a family member or neighbor asks you: “Why are you studying the humanities?” it is very easy to respond “I’m going to law school” in order to avoid the quizzical stares and the ambiguity of pursuing some other–and perhaps even more interesting–career path. If law school is on your radar screen, and for the wrong reasons, it may be useful to consider other options, especially now that the law school bubble may have burst. Read more here: http://www.slate.com/id/2288751/. For ideas on how to bridge the gap between a humanities degree and other exciting career choices, check this post on Sheila Curran’s book Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads: http://humanitiesplus.byu.edu/2010/12/looking-for-a-job-with-a-ba-in-the-humanities.html

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