Why Liberal Arts Matter (CNN)

CNN recently ran a story by Michael Roth on why study of the Liberal Arts is crucial for the future of our nation. Here is an excerpt:

“In recent years university leaders in Asia, the Mideast and even
Europe have sought to organize curricula more like those of our liberal
art schools. How, they want to know, can we combine rigorous
expectations of learning with the development of critical thinking and
creativity that are the hallmarks of the best American colleges?

in our own land we are running away from the promise of liberal
education. We are frightened by economic competition, and many seem to
have lost confidence in our ability to draw from the resources of a
broadly based education. Instead, they hope that technical training or
professional expertise on their own will somehow invigorate our culture
and society.”

more here: http://articles.cnn.com/2011-05-21/opinion/roth.liberal.education_1_liberal-arts-sciences-colleges?_s=PM:OPINION

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