Intern with the National Language Service Corps

From the NLSC website:

National Language Service Corps, NLSC,
is a group of individuals like you, who can speak, listen and understand English
and other languages. These individuals (known as “NLSC Members”) make themselves
available to help others in times of emergency or crisis wherever that may be. They
have the opportunity to help their neighbors and fellow citizens by participating
in national and state efforts when their expertise can truly make a difference.
Our Members can be called upon in time of need to use their interpreting and translating
skills to help others in the United States and around the world during short-term

Our Members have participated in assignments in places ranging from Atlanta, Thailand
and Indonesia and some have been able to help from their own homes.

Somewhere there are people who need help, in their language. Be one who offers that
help. Use your language skills to bridge the divide between cultures. Do you speak
more than one language? Then consider applying for membership!

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