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Liberal Arts in the 21st Century


The first, most practical defense is that the liberal arts (and
sciences) are the best possible preparation for success in the learned
professions–law, medicine, teaching–as well as in the less traditionally
learned but increasingly arcane professions of business, finance, and
high-tech innovation.

It’s insurance against obsolescence; in any rapidly changing field (and
every field is changing rapidly these days), if you only focus on
learning specific materials that are pertinent in 2012, rather than
learning about them in a broader context, you will soon find that your
training will have become valueless. Most important, with a liberal
education you will have learned how to learn, so that you will be able
to do research to answer questions in your field that will come up years
from now, questions that nobody could even have envisioned in 2012,
much less taught you how to answer.

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