Both Science and Liberal Arts Are Required for 21st Century Says President of Duke U.


“We also need to make clear that in
promoting the humanities, we are not deriding the sciences or encouraging
trade-offs between the two. For the health of our society, we need to train
minds that have learned plural disciplines and can move freely among them.  Our colleagues in China and Singapore are
trying to figure out the mysterious secret of liberal arts education, the
broad-based, integrative training spanning the arts and sciences which they see
as producing America’s adaptive, inventive kind of leader. It will be ironic if we fail to
nourish and protect this asset just when others are recognizing its value.

To develop fully, skills in language, the arts and social inquiry must
start being built at early ages, then broadened and deepened in further stages
of schooling.  Too often, the segments of
this educational pathway are quite detached from each other, with fragmenting
results at best.”

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