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New Book Proposes to Integrate Liberal Arts with Business Major

A new book, Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education: Liberal Learning for the Profession (Jossey-Bass, 2011), proposes to import liberal arts training into the business major to correct some of its deficiencies. An article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed says that this proposal is a response to Academically Adrift, a book claiming that business majors score well below liberal arts majors on a range of learning outcomes.The question, however, remains whether the business major can be corrected by quick fixes. An abundance of evidence (chronicled in this blog) suggests that a better solution is for students to study the liberal arts as a primary major augmented by business coursework and internships. CEO after CEO claims that liberal arts majors think more creatively and communicate better than business majors; they have better people and leadership skills; and they tend, over the long term, to rise in company ranks.

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