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How to Pick a College Major

We’ve posted on this before: polls show that a majority of students see college as career preparation and credentialing. They most often choose their major based on salary. This logic obviously excludes the humanities because entry-level salaries for humanities majors are comparatively low. See here:

This article effectively pushes back against the conventional bromides and misinformation about the relation between the humanities and (lack of) employment opportunity. What it does not say is that the market evidence shows that (1) employers want a combination of technical and liberal arts training and (2) humanities majors or technical majors with humanities exposure tend to climb in organizations at a faster rate than purely technical majors over the lifetime of a career.

What Type of Student Harvard Medical School Wants

From the Harvard Medical School Website:

aptitude in the biological and physical sciences during their
undergraduate years, but not to the exclusion of the humanities
and social sciences.
study at Harvard Medical School has shown that students are successful
in their medical studies regardless
of undergraduate concentration, providing that they have had adequate
science preparation. Students are urged to strive for a balanced and
liberal education rather than specialized training. No preference is
given to applicants who have majored in the sciences
over those who have majored in the humanities.)

  • 7. Language
effective communication among the medical care team and between
physicians and patients is so crucial to the delivery of care, all
matriculants should be fluent and have a nuanced facility in English.
Mastery of a foreign language, although not required, is a valuable
skill that expands intellectual and cultural horizons and that
reinforces preparation for patient care in a multicultural

*Thanks to Greg Stallings for the link