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Why Are Many College Grads Not Hired?

There are many reasons. But this report focuses on the unexpected ones, such as the lack of soft skills like interpersonal communication, office relations, critical thinking – i.e., skills that are likely to be developed and enhanced by studying the humanities. Also missing is the internship experience.

“One thing that does appear to make a difference is internships, according to a Harris Interactive survey of
more than 2,000 college students and 1,000 hiring managers on behalf of
textbook company Chegg: more than 80% of employers want new grads they
hire to have completed a formal internship, but only 8% of students say
interning in a field related to their major is something they spend a
lot of time doing. Instead, the top extracurricular activities are
hanging out with friends, working in an unrelated job and eating out.”

Recent Study of Liberal Arts and the Market

Burning Glass conducted a study of liberal arts majors and employment data. There is good and bad news. The bad news is: the unemployment rate for liberal arts grads is higher than for several other majors. The good news, however, is that the marketplace is looking for a mix of liberal arts and technical skills. Liberal arts and humanities students who are not pursuing graduate or professional study should heed the message: minor in a technical or business related field and do internships. The study claims that this combination yields demonstrable results.

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