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Americans Need More Humanities Training Claims David Rubenstein

“Speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum, Mr. Rubenstein, the co-chairman of the private equity
firm, said American policy makers and educators have put too much of a
focus on the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics
at the expense of the study of literature, philosophy and other areas in
the humanities.”

“Humanities teach problem-solving skills that enable students to stand
out among their peers and to achieve success in the business world, Mr.
Rubenstein said. Career-specific skills can be learned later, he said,
noting that many of Wall Street’s top executives studied the humanities.”

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Scientific American on Why Scientists Need the Humanities

Students in science and engineering often feel that required courses in the humanities are a waste of time. They would avoid them if they could. Here is a scientist who explains how deep familiarity with the classic texts in the humanities generates and maintains a healthy skepticism that scientists need in order to avoid self-delusion and hubris. Read here: