Employers want Graduates Better Trained in Soft Skills

A recent survey funded by the American Association of Colleges and Universities shows a striking disparity in how prospective employers and college graduates view their professional preparation. While employers tend to agree with graduates’ self-assessment when it comes to “staying current on technologies,” the survey finds much wider gaps (more than 30 points) in areas such as written and oral communication, critical/analytical thinking, and “locating, organizing, and evaluating information.” Both Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Education covered the survey suggesting that it offers support for the value of more general undergraduate education. More specifically, the list of learning outcomes suggests that humanities degrees offer training in highly-prized competencies in today’s work force.   

Below are the links to the articles and survey.

Inside Higher Ed article:

“Well-prepared in Their Own Eyes”

The Chronicle article:

“Students Think they’re Ready for the Work Force”

The AACU survey:

“Falling Short?”

Thanks to Corry Cropper for the Inside Higher Ed link.
Thanks to Rebecca Brazzale for the link to the Chronicle piece.

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