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The Long-Term Material Benefits of Humanities Training

This piece by David Demming draws on multiple studies to show that initial salary advantages for STEM majors fade significantly after the first job. Liberal Arts majors catch up and even exceed their STEM peers over time for two primary reasons. First, narrow technical training often target skills that are valuable in the near term and obsolete within a decade. Liberal Arts competencies, by contrast, are valuable across fields and over time.

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In the Salary Race, Engineers Sprint but English Majors Endure


*Thanks to Erin Jackson for this reference.

Skills that won’t be Automated

Recent studies from McKinsey and Forrester point point to an increasing rate of job automation. Stephen Kosslyn argues that soft skills, including the ability to take into account the effects of context in our decision making, are the key to portable and durable (automation resistant) professionalization.

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Are You Developing the Skills that Won’t Be Automated?