Goldman Sachs Seeks Liberal Arts Majors

I met with 3 recruiters from Goldman Sachs today who are in search of excellent liberal arts majors to join their Salt Lake City team. Their mandate is to hire 35% of their new recruits from liberal arts disciplines because the company is convinced that humanities majors bring a unique perspective and set of skills to the table. 

Basically they are looking for similar underlying traits in all of their candidates: intelligence (3.5 or higher), leadership skills, passion, motivation, curiosity, and communication skills, including foreign-language. It is not uncommon for candidates with these skills to be given training by Goldman in business or operations and then be sent to an overseas office.

Interested? Contact the College of Humanities advisement center for more info. 
See also their website for helpful tips for any job-seeking candidate: 

Liberal Arts Not Just for the Rich

A little secret about the wealthy is that they often send their children to liberal arts colleges (or majors) because they know that they’ll become cultivated and learn the kinds of leadership and communication skills that eventually lead to elite and well-paying careers. The paradox is that while the liberal arts are available to everybody, often those who need them most  think that they are useless. According to William Durden, 40% of Fortune 500 CEO’s graduated from a liberal arts college. Read more here:

Intelligence Community Virtual Career Fair

 From the United States IC website (

The United States Intelligence Community (IC), an integrated network of agencies that work together to protect our Nation’s security, is seeking a culturally diverse, technically savvy workforce for exciting careers in a number of fields. Join us at the IC Virtual Career Fair to explore career opportunities, chat with recruiters, and apply for job openings – all from the comfort of your computer!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 | 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET

The IC Virtual Career Fair will offer hundreds of career opportunities available in a diverse array of disciplines, including:

  • Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
  • Engineering and Physical Science
  • Foreign Languages*
  • Information Technology
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Law Enforcement
  • Many others

A Humanistic View of Economics

Richard Bronk, the author of The Romantic Economist (Cambridge U. Press, 2009) gave two fascinating talks on the BYU campus last week.

The author revisits various Romantic critiques of the Enlightenment, in particular of the “rational actor” that economists often use to theorize economic activity.

The book is the perfect example of a non-humanities field being enriched by historical, philosophical and literary insights. 

Looking for an Internship in Arizona?


The State of Arizona just rolled out a new statewide internship program that might interest Humanities Students. We met personally with the HR director, Susan Laurence, who said that there are many opportunities for students with the right skills. See the website here:

Need an Internship in AZ?

Good News from the BYU Career Fair

Recruiters from companies at this year’s Career and Internship Fair
were almost uniformly looking for students with the right skills, not the right
. Organizations as diverse as Goldman Sachs, Idaho State
Government, Qualtrics,  Buckle, Smuckers, Sears/K-Mart, Eli Lilly, even an electrical engineering company offer internship experiences, career training, and eventually jobs to students
from humanities majors
.  They are interested in students who are motivated, creative,
articulate, and with good people skills–i.e., you! Several recruiters explicitly said that they prefer the passion, flexibility and communication skills of Humanities students to other purely vocationally-oriented students.

If you missed the fairs this year (there is one in fall and winter), be on the lookout for them next year. Come to the Humanities College Advisement Center for help with CV preparation and interviewing strategy.

Good Paying Jobs for Humanities Majors

Government jobs are on the rise. Forbes says that there will be 600,000 new positions, many of which would be suitable for Humanities majors–especially for those who have followed the Hum+ or +Hum path. Some examples:

FBI ($57,000-$74,000)
Writer/Editor ($96,000-$174,000)
Intelligence Officer ($89,000-$136,000)
and so on.

Steve Jobs Touts Liberal Arts


In a down economy Apple somehow keeps beating Wall Street’s expectations. How do they do it? According to Steve Jobs, the liberal arts play a big role. For example, concerning their new breakthrough iPad, Jobs says: “The reason that Apple is able to create products like iPad is because we always try to be at the intersection of technology and liberal arts, to be able to get the best of both.” Read more here: