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Mark Cuban says Liberal Arts Majors Prepared for the Future

In an interview with Bloomberg news, internet billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban argues that English, Philosophy, and foreign language majors are uniquely prepared for the disruptive jobs environment of the coming decade. The growth in computing power and increasingly sophisticated software will displace many fields and place a higher premium on workers who can contribute in more creative ways. See the full interview in the link below.*

Interview with Mark CubanĀ 


*Thanks to Shasta Hamilton for this source.

How a Liberal Arts Degree Became “Tech’s Hottest Ticket”

A recent issue of Forbes surveys an array of companies in the high tech sector that are discovering how “liberal arts thinking makes them stronger.” The article also challenges conventional thinking on labor statistics which has prioritized narrow technical training as the best professional preparation. As technical skills become more easily automated, industries such as software are placing a premium on a non-technical talent field.

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*Thanks to Kristin Matthews for the reference.